We’ll be modest when we’re dead

This is a bit vain really, but if you can’t be self-indulgent with a blog now and again, what’s the point?

Anyway, the book I knocked out last year, Military Orientalism (available at all fine bookstores), has got good, bad and middling reviews. The scholar-soldier HR McMaster gave it a qualified ‘thumbs up’, as did the reviewer in the Journal of Military History, although another reviewer gave it a bit of a kicking. Worse, some of his criticisms were fair.

But today’s a good day for the book, because Christian Bleuer has endorsed it handsomely. Christian is one of my favourite scholars of Afghanistan. He has already written imperishable pieces warning against the new exotic tribalism that disfigures analysis of that country and its people.  And he helmed the great blog ‘Ghosts of Alexander’ for a good while, before moving over to the Registan stable. May the rain fall softly on his fields.

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