Go forth and multiply

There aren’t many blogs on big strategy.

So its great to see a new one arise, Thinking Strategically. Judging from the first few posts, looks like it will be a fine read.

Thinking on statecraft, war and national interests needs to happen in a contemplative way, surrounded by the great works on the subject and far from the mad cacophany of the mob. Interactive blogging works for some people and for those who want to enjoy cracking debate, I’d still commend Kings of War where I once scribbled. But one reason I left the KOW was to find a quieter sort of spot to think about things (though admittedly still dropping into the KOW now and again for a quick sparr).

So why still blog? Apart from a compulsive need just to write stuff, strategy also needs to be formed in response to events. Big strategies that don’t take account of events will suffer, while reacting to events without a guiding map will leave one adrift and without a compass.

Blogging hopefully in a small way can be one medium through which this discipline, this art that is slipping away from Western governments, can be rediscovered intellectually.

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