Lippmann in Libya

Our commitment in Libya could strain the air force and demand more investment:

The RAF is planning on the basis that operations over Libya will last at least six months, its chief has said.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton warned the service would need “genuine increases” in its budget to run the range of operations ministers demand.

He told the Guardian that without more investment, the RAF would struggle to maintain levels of capabilities.

As Walter Lippmann noted during World War Two, this goes to the heart of strategy:

Without the controlling principle that the nation must maintain its objectives and its power in equilibrium, its purposes within its means and its means equal to its purposes, its commitments related to its resources and its resources adequate to its commitments, it is impossible to think at all about foreign affairs…An agreement has eventually to be reached when men admit that they must pay for what they want and that they must want only what they are willing to pay for.