Triumph of the Dark

I’ve published a little review of Zara Steiner’s very big book, Triumph of the Dark, at History Today.

The book is great and imposing, but I think a little harsh on interwar statesmen and the weak hand they had to play against the rise of totalitarianism. There never was a good time to fight Hitler, and in many respects, 1939-41 for all its terrors was not as bad as it might have been in 1938.

Also delighted that I’ll be writing a piece on ‘Offshore Balancing’ Strategies and Great Power Concerts for the SSI Fellows‘ series, looking especially at the dilemmas that new grand strategies will have to face in the Asia-Pacific.

Can the US abandon hegemony and scale down its military-strategic presence while also effectively collaborating with other great powers to prevent the kinds of geopolitical nightmares that often come with transitions in world power? And can it persuade its own population that the days of hegemony are over and its time to accept a more multipolar era? Those are the questions I’ll be looking at.

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