Book Available for Pre-order!

I have a book coming out in March. The Global Village Myth: Distance, War and the Limits of Power.

Thanks to the sterling work of Georgetown University Press, it has gotten some very generous endorsements, and the link is here. Thanks too to Michael Dwyer and Hurst, who are publishing it in the UK and Europe, linked here.

The book tackles a subject this blog has considered for a while, the power of distance and the way it still exerts itself even in a supposedly globalised world.

The book writes a critical biography of the overblown and misconceived notion of a small, shrinking world of globalised insecurity.

It examines three ‘hard’ cases (hard for my argument) to show how the idea does badly under interrogation.

And it shows how this mythology encourages threat inflation, utopian liberal wars and other self-defeating behaviour.

Amaze your friends, break the ice at parties, and buy it.

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